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rooms for nceca

updated sat 7 feb 98


Bill Geisinger on tue 3 feb 98

Any one who may be needing a room for NCECA may wish to call:

Etta's Place (817-654-0267) which is a small bed and breakfast about a half
a block from the Worthington.

I was unable to locate any reasonably priced room at The Radisson, The
Ramada, or Worthington hotels. BTW the Worthington has rooms for $225.00
and more if you are interested.

There is also The Remington (817-332-6900) and The Day's Inn (817-336-2011)
which are as I understand not too far away.

Mabey someone from Fort Worth could add more info


Bill Geisinger DeAnza College 408 864-8378

Vince Pitelka on fri 6 feb 98

>There is also The Remington (817-332-6900) and The Day's Inn (817-336-2011)
>which are as I understand not too far away.

The Remington is now the Clarion, and it is located a block from the
Radisson, between the Ramada and the Worthington. When I called the Days
Inn Conference Center, they were not taking reservations for this period of
time yet. They said they would start accepting reservations in the second
week of February, but also indicated that they have conferences going on
concurrently with NCECA, so it could be a real zoo there. Rooms are $69.
The Clarion (formerly Remington) still had rooms when I made my reservation
last week. Their rates are $79 for a double, or $89 with a free breakfast
buffet (for both people) which is suppose to be very good. There are
several other chain motels located a mile or so north of the Worthington.
There is a good webpage on Fort Worth hotels which you can find if you enter
"Fort Worth" (WITH quotations) in a search engine.
- Vince

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