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seeking rutile-blue glaze recipe

updated thu 5 feb 98


Janet Capetty on tue 3 feb 98

OK glaze gurus, I need your help. I love the rutile-blue glazes I see that
are cone 10 reduction fired. I no longer have access to reduction firing
capabilities and wonder if it's possible to get something as nice in a Cone 6
oxidation firing. Any recipes or suggestions to help? Am I asking for the
impossible? Thanks for your help!
Janet in northern Illinois where we've lost our great snow

Jan Mandrake on wed 4 feb 98

I have a ^6 rutile blue glaze--don't know if its like the ^10 glazes, but it's
been a favorite glaze around here. Got it from an old Ceramics monthly (don't
know which one)...Its called Dietrich Valley Glaze--Gerstley borate 10.87
Magnesium carbonate 13.04 Wollanstonite 5.44 Nepheline syenite 59.78
Goldart 10.87 Zircopax 8.70 additions--cobalt oxide1.09 Rutile 2.17(lt.
powdered). The glaze is a blue grey--more blue to my eye--slightly
mottled--depending on the iron content of the clay--gloss--but not super
glossy. Hope it fits the bill. (It tends to be more mottled in a high ^6)
Jan Mandrake