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way o t bats...bats in the belfry maybe?

updated mon 4 jun 12


Ric Swenson on sun 3 jun 12

I know we in the west fear bats...but in China, at least, they symbolize g=
ood luck.

we think if vampires...they think of the mosquito population shrinking.

Bat guano can be an issue, and I, or anyone , east or west , doesn't want t=
hem roosting in their bat proof your house...screen wire...=
.sealants.... Just make them stay OUTSIDE...or actually INSIDE CAVES or i=
n the trees....where they belong.

There are, I am told, many types of bats...insect eaters..(my personal fav.=
)...and fruit eaters....not so much...and blood suckers. from mammals.....m=
y least favorite type.

they look like rats with wings and remind me of my old dear friend Vincent=

just do what the experts recommend.

NO GUANO is a good step. lots of dis-ease in fecal material of all of us =

no shit.

don't keep pigs, chickens or other livestock in your attic....

be healthy.


btw...ceramic Batts are spelled in a different way...two T's. for the ceram=
ic type.

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> Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2012 15:05:22 -0700
> From: beadiepotter@YAHOO.COM
> Subject: WAY O T Bats
> This is probably a first. Many have posted about bats but not the kind w=
ith fur and wings. On Tuesday I may be buying a house with a history of ba=
ts. There are now only a dozen or so because they did a pretty good job of=
blocking any and all openings except for an attic vent where a few found. =
There is still the problem of bat guano and hystoplasmosis (I think I got =
that spelling right) a disease caused by a fungus and mold combo found in b=
at poo. I did the whole search thing but even medical folks don't seem to =
agree on just how creeped out I should be. Of course I tend to err on the =
side of caution. I can seal up that last entry point but the attic is real=
ly a series of tight spots and crawl ways under the eves, not easy to clean=
. Although one medical/science type told me that the hot , dry attic would=
eventually kill off the fungus and mold. On the other hand one site said =
to keep the mess wet when cleaning it to stop spores from
> flying. Then there is the respirator I'm supposed to wear that must be r=
ated to 0.3 microns. Can I get that at my local ACE Hardware? I trust p=
otters more than most life forms so if you or someone you know has been thr=
ough this, help! Thank you,
> =
Kim H.