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throwing & rakuing miniatures workshop/phoenix

updated wed 4 feb 98


Michelle H. Lowe on tue 3 feb 98

Arizona Clay will be hosting another fabulous workshop on February 28 from
9-5pm. Pab Benford, West Virginian potter, will demonstrate throwing 2"
and smaller vessels in the morning and rakuing them in the afternoon. Word
has it that Pab doesn't throw off the hump and has tweezers welded to raku
tongs to pull the ware. Ought to be interesting.

This one day workshop is offered to the public at an amazingly low fee of
only $25 (non Arizona Clay members) and if you are lucky enough to belong
to the club, it's only $20!
It will be held at Grand Canyon University's clay facility with a break
provided for lunch. For more information, or to sign up, please contact
Michelle Lowe at the email addresses below.

Mishy, who isn't alone, built a kiln (that is firing great!) in 1997 with
mostly female hands, loves Mel dearly and notes that people will continue
to take offense where they choose
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