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fw: gallery commission

updated sun 10 jun 12


Nina Jones on fri 8 jun 12

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Sure Mitch meant to send this to the group.=3D0ANina=3D0A=3D0A----- Forward=
ed Mes=3D
sage -----=3D0AFrom: mitch lyons =3D0ATo: Nina Jones <=
aiki=3D> =3D0ASent: Friday, June 8, 2012 2:27 PM=3D0ASubject: R=
e: g=3D
allery commission=3D0A =3D0A=3D0AGalleries do not work for everyone. It cer=
works for the BLUE CHIP artists who can sell their work for more money tha=
n you and I make in a year. Without their gallery representation they would=
be just another artists who struggles to make ends meet. It would never bo=
ther me to "give" 50% to a gallery, who handles my work, if they sold enoug=
h to make it worth while. Most of the galleries that carry my work, I feel,=
TAKE 50%,=3DA0 but=3DA0do not EARN their commission because they do not=3D=
any strong effort to promote my career. If I were an artists, represented =
in a gallery, that sold LOTS of work, I think they would treat me different=
ly.=3D0A=3DA0=3D0AThe argument is "raise your prices to reflect more of a r=
etail =3D
price point, rather than a wholesale number". That way you get what you wan=
t for it. But then the gallery would have to double the price, and that may=
take it to an unrealistic amount.=3D0A=3DA0=3D0AIn today's world of econom=
ics, I=3D
feel, to survive=3DA0I have to diversify and augment=3DA0my income with: G=
ry representation, exhibitions, street shows, commissions, teach workshops,=
sell on ebay,=3DA0 open studios, make/sell DVD,s, etc, etc, etc.=3D0AMitch=
Lyo=3D =3D0A