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updated mon 11 jun 12


mel jacobson on sat 9 jun 12

Tony and Kathi,
Thank you both for your responses to my fee question. You both confirmed w=
hat Don and I were already saying to ourselves.
This gallery wants all the advantages of a Co-Op for themselves, with no ad=
vantage to the Artist.
Kathi, 45% is pretty standard out here (we are in Oregon) I would love to f=
ind Galleries that offered 40%... but most of the
Galleries we work with are so great to deal with that we suck it up and pay=
Tony your point about a gallery carrying more work then they can honestly r=
epresent was a very good point!

I will be emailing the Gallery next week to tell them we are coming to pick=
up our work... I will include some of both your comments in my response.
So thank you very much,
from: minnetonka, mn
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