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100 year old attic studio air

updated thu 5 feb 98


Mary Klotz on wed 4 feb 98

if the building is 100 years old, it is unlikely to really be a ventilation
problem. There could be all kinds of mold spores, insect dander, etc. up
there. If an OTC antihistamine helps (over the course of say, a week) then
you may have allergies to some of it.
You could also have an unrelated infection or something that happens to
coincide with your move to this studio.
Or it could be something that would bother anyone- sick building syndrome sort
of thing.
If it is particulates causing the trouble, an electrostatic air cleaner might
You didn't say what sort of heat (beyond hot air)- could there be exhaust
fumes getting into the attic from an old flue or some other studio?
If you do use the forced air vent, it can be professionally cleaned before it
blows crud all over.

Just my initial thoughts- I'm no expert.