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updated fri 29 jun 12


Deborah Thuman on thu 28 jun 12

The most useful class I took in law school was a real estate course. It =3D
taught me that I HATE real estate law. End of that idea, let's look for =3D
another area of law. Suppose I hadn't learned that and went to work for =3D
a firm specializing in real estate transactions? I would have been =3D
severely miserable.=3D20

When I got out of law school, I couldn't find a job. So.... I hung out a =
shingle and ran my own law "firm" in Western New York for the next 5.5 =3D
years until I got hired in NM at the public defender office.

Over the course of my law career, I've met a number of attorneys who =3D
hated being attorneys. I feel sorry for the ones who don't have the guts =
to go out and find another way to make a living.=3D20

Every so often, I toy with the idea of going for an MFA. I don't want to =
teach, but I do want to make better ceramics. Right now, I feel as if =3D
I'm constantly experimenting and never perfecting. Oh wait.... isn't =3D
that what we're supposed to feel? Aren't we supposed to keep moving =3D
towards perfection even though we know we'll never get there?=3D20

Just my decaffinated 2 cents. It's okay, I've had my happy good morning =3D
to me smoothie.

Deb Thuman