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clay co-ops

updated sat 7 feb 98


clay&maxwell on thu 5 feb 98

I'm doing a little research towards the future and wonder if those of you
who are members of a clay co-op or guild (is there a difference?) could
tell me how it started, how you organize expenses, people, equipment, space
etc.- in other words: how it's all done!
You can e-mail me direct if you choose:
deb clay

ps. are there any books out there on the subject? I've tried the library
and my search doesn't turn up anything about a "how to create or run an
artist co-op" and so far the internet has not revealed much more than
guilds based on fantasy games!
thanks for the help

Don Curtis on fri 6 feb 98

Deb-Our co-op has been around for almost five years. We rent space from a non-
profit organization that mainly rents studios to individual artists and
craftspeople. Our rent is $250/mo.(?) Members pay either $25 or 50/mo
depending on the amount of time they use the studio and how much shelving
space they need. (we have I think about ten members)
We have a Raku kiln and a gas fired High fire Kiln. All members must be
checked out before they can use the kilns on their own. A $4.00/day fee plus
gas usages is charged on the Raku kiln. Usage of the high fire kiln is the
cost of gas plus 20%.
One person is in charge of the co-op. She takes care of scheduling meetings,
classes and signing up new members, ordering supplies which are available at a
small markup, and in general overseeing the co-op. Every three months or so we
have a general meeting and ususally a group cleanup at least twice a year. We
also have a general maintanence person who helps with keeping the studio
running smoothly, building equipment, shelving, maintaining existing
equipment, etc. We limit members in the co-op based on available shelving for
work in progress. If you would like more information feel free to E-mail me.

Good luck