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ceramic studio share avail--brooklyn, ny

updated fri 20 jul 12


alyssa ettinger on thu 19 jul 12

I am an established ceramic artist and am dividing my Sunset Park studio
to share with another ceramic artist.

CL ad with pictures:

Studio is an an industrial building in Sunset Park's Industry City, 1
1/2 blocks from the D, R, and N trains. a block from costco, 2 blocks
from the Van brunt post office.

studio is very bright (morning light through all those windows), quiet
(we are serious about this), has:
shared wireless printer in studio
slop sink with hot and cold water
freight elevator
open 7 days a week, open 24/7, am rarely there on weekends or evenings.
(note, in winter, there is no heat on weekends. note: i have two space
and mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, teakettle, and ipod dock. .

Person must be /very/ tidy (note: i am not, so if that would drive you
crazy, this isn't the place). This is a white clay only space (I work in
porcelain, no need to say more.) There's a Skutt 1027 kiln to share,
firings cost @ $40-$50 to cone 6 and are on top of rent (and charged by
the kilowatt hour, which equals the $40 give or take). I've some basic
chemicals i can share. there's room for a wheel, shelving, i've a giant
table and shelving the renter can have. This is *not* like a group
studio where everyone shares space, but the perfect step up. Devoted
space other than kiln. Please send me your website address, and
information about you.

Price, $375 plus firings, firm


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