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for tony c; why slip ???

updated fri 20 jul 12


Lee on thu 19 jul 12

On Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 12:43 AM, Url Krueger wrote:

> Why slip?

White slip on dark clay is used in both slip and Punchong ware to great eff=

With earthenware, you can get depth you often loose with glassy glazes.

My last firing, I used Superwhite on tableware. But because
tableware has a lot of grog, it doesn't shrink much, so my inlay and
hakame flaked off, except for the rope impressed inlay.

Just brought home a couple hundred pounds of Fireclay with Iron that
works well with superwhite slip. Kintaro always gets fussed over
when we go to Continental Clay. I took him even though it was hot.
(No aircon, windows open on the Xpressway.)

Lee Love in Minneapolis

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