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shaw pottery: "help save our studio" raffle!!

updated tue 24 jul 12


The Shaws on mon 23 jul 12


Last week, on Joe's birthday, no less, someone anonymously reported
to our Planning and Development Department that we were in violation
of County Code for having a pottery studio at our rented home. We
have no idea who, or why. We did not realize we were in violation of
county code, since we do not sell pottery here, or have customers,
delivery trucks or any other type of traffic. We only sell at the
Santa Barbara Arts & Craft Show on the Beach every Sunday.

We cannot afford to move, financially or physically. We have only two
choices. Pay the fees. Or cease being potters, which is as
incomprehensible as ceasing to breathe.

We need to have the garage/studio permitted immediately as a "Hobby
Room". The downside are the permit fees of $1617.00. We are asking
you for help by entering the drawing with a small donation of any

You will find a PayPal "Donate" button on our Shaw Pottery website
for your convenience.

Just go to

Joe also did a youtube slideshow with various pots he has made this
year. You can check it out and dance to the music at

or see more of his work on our FaceBook page at:

Any size donation would be welcome and we will cap donations at the
total $1617. I don't look at this as a career, I look at making
porcelain pottery for other people's enjoyment as my career. Our
deadline has just been extended to August 20th, so we need your entry
by then. The drawing will be on August 21st!

So, when all is said and done, we will have a drawing and the winner
will receive the finest piece of porcelain I am capable of producing.
Lidded jar, vase or bowl, winners choice. Please, pass on this
information to everyone you think might want to enter the drawing and
help save our pottery.

* Tickets are set at $2.00. ($2.00 =3D 1 ticket, $10.00 =3D 5 tickets and s=
o on.).

And you DO get to pick what you want, a bowl, lidded jar, vase,
whatever in the glaze that you want. Handmade just for you, and Joe
says it will be the most beautiful piece he has ever made, promise.
How can you beat odds like that... One ticket for $2 =3D 1/810, five
tickets for $10 and your odds are 1 in 162, right? I'm no math
genius, but I think that's the way it goes. Just paste that address
into your window and cross your fingers!

Thank you, everyone, for thinking of us!