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woodfire workshops

updated fri 6 feb 98


The Slack-DeBrock Family on thu 5 feb 98

Greetings to everyone, and many thanks to all of you who sent me
information on Ireland travels and potters. Following are the woodfire
workshops scheduled for 1998 at River Run Pottery in northern Wisconsin:

"Fast-fire Workshop" : This workshop involves 3 days. The first day
includes overviews of technical information, glaze and flashing effects of
wood-fired ware, glazing and loading the 40 cu.ft. kiln designed by Fred
Olsen, who also supervised the building of it. The kiln is fired to Cone
10-11 on the second day, with everyone participating in all aspects of the
firing process. On day 3 we cover kiln design and construction and unload
the kiln.

Dates: 2 separate workshops: April 17,18,19 and September 18,19,20
Cost: $150, includes all materials and meals

"Fast-firing" : This 2 day workshop is designed for those who have
experience with wood firing or have attended the initial workshop and want
to further explore wood-fired effects.
Small group firings can be arranged at other times during the year for
those interested.

Dates: March 28, 29 and October 17, 18
Cost is dependent on number of participants and pots

For an information packet, or to register for any of the above, contact:

Joan Slack-DeBrock/River Run Pottery
P.O.Box 95
McNaughton, WI 54543