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copper matt raku recipe

updated sat 7 feb 98


Mary Klotz on fri 6 feb 98

This was freely given to me by the Xax beads guy at Bead Expo San Antonio a
couple years ago (he had it memorized). It is different than the 80/20 recipe
frequently mentioned. I use it in small electric kilns, reduce in sawdust (in
cookie tins). I've got a couple small pieces done more than a year ago, and
the colors do not seem to be oxidizing. NOTE: this is a VOLUME recipe (rather
than weight).
gerstley borate 4 parts
bone ash 2 parts
copper carbonate 1 part
nepheline syenite 1 part.

Since I'm mostly making beads, I usually add a little brushing medium too,
which by the way would probably help with the person who had the raku glaze
shrink/crack as it dried. I really like the brushing medium from Laguna; I
use 70 grams to a gallon of water (mix it in the blender) and use this mix to
make the glaze (actually 8 oz. liquid mix and 3 oz. water to one pound of
glaze powder); if it needs thinning I use plain water.