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bat pins...catamount...tantamount...catamount

updated sun 29 jul 12


David Woof on sat 28 jul 12

Depends on Steve's point of reference=3D2C how lively he feels=3D2C or perh=
aps =3D
what was in his coffee...
If one put a saddle on a cougar: would that be tantamount to a catamount?
David Woof.....procrastinating getting on with what I should be doing this =
AM while contemplating the wild ride....Hmmmmmm=3D2C let's see=3D3B now jus=
t wh=3D
ere could I find a cougar????
Re: bat pins
Posted by: "Steve Mills" original.mudslinger@GMAIL.COM=3D20
Date: Fri Jul 27=3D2C 2012 9:38 am ((PDT))=3D20
On 27 Jul 2012=3D2C at 15:30=3D2C William & Susan Schran User NET>=3D
wrote: >
On 7/26/12 7:54 PM=3D2C "Steven Branfman" wrote:>>
No need to question the status quo. This is catamount to a revolution.>>=3D=
Stay home and be quiet.> > >=3D20
Yay=3D2C Steven is really back!> > Bill> --> William "Bill" Schran>=3D20
Hmmmmm! Not quite maybe: Catamount: 1.a wild animal of the cat family=3D2C =
pecially the cougar or the lynx. I THINK he meant "Tantamount" ?? :-) =