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work study positions available at the tucson clay co-op, mosaics t=

updated fri 17 aug 12


Maxine Peace Potter on thu 16 aug 12


Hi, we are looking for three people with clay experience=3D0Ainterested in =
ing a work study exchange at the Tucson=3D0AClay Co-op this fall.=3DA0 For =
ils, visit to apply call Cynthia at 817 233 8=
7=3D0AWe look forward to hearing from you.=3D0A=3D0AAlso just networking.=
=3DA0 We m=3D
ay be looking for a new mosaics=3D0Ateacher.=3DA0 If you have someone you c=
an s=3D
uggest please=3D0A=3D0Acontact Maxine at 917 705 3803=3D0A