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what i cook in a covered casserole dish

updated sun 19 aug 12


Deborah Thuman on sat 18 aug 12

The best beans you will ever have are made in a bean pot. The bean pot =3D
has to be covered while baking.=3D20

I make Anti-Werewolf Potatoes in a covered pot.=3D20
Before you ask:=3D20
Chop some potatoes into bite sized pieces. Don't bother peeling them.=3D20
Chop some onion
Mince some garlic (lots of garlic)
Sea salt
Fresh ground pepper
Olive oil=3D20

Stir it all up and put it in the pot, cover, and bake at 350 until it's =3D

Guaranteed to keep werewolves at bay. I know this because I've never =3D
seen a werewolf around when I've made this.=3D20

I've also made a rice pudding which reminded me of my grandmother's rice =
pudding in a covered casserole dish.=3D20
Deb Thuman