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laguna has gerstley

updated sat 25 aug 12


mel jacobson on wed 22 aug 12

the mine is open again, and laguna has been
selling it again. it seems to be the same old stuff.
and, remember, gertsley is not a perfect dependable
chemical. (that is what i like about it.)
clayart page below:

Dick White on thu 23 aug 12

Seems like a year or so ago, somebody from Laguna was here on ClayArt and=

confirmed that they had reopened the mine, had some 20 bazillion tons of =
in a huge pile in some warehouse, had thoroughly mixed this mountainous p=
back and forth with a dump loader, and it was regarded as relatively
consistent through the pile, of which there was enough for a number of ye=
hence (after which they could/would presumably do it again). A promise wa=
made to get us a percentage analysis of this new batch. But I don't remem=
seeing that analysis published, and I can't find anything like it on the
Laguna website. Does anybody have further information?

Dick White on thu 23 aug 12

Ok, L Turner just passed on to me a link to Laguna's published analysis (=
message to me was the parallel email to what I presume was her reply to t=
list, which will appear in the fullness of time...). I just plugged those=

numbers into Glazemaster for a side-by-side look at the old and new Seger=

Unity figures. Alkalies are down a bit, .135 in the new vs. .16 in the ol=
mostly sodium. Total fluxes show slightly higher calcium. Alumina is down=
.019 vs. the old .026 and boron is down considerably from .841 to .767. A=
finally, silica is way up at .491 vs. the old .338. So there we have it.

Julie Brooks on fri 24 aug 12

You can find the chemical composition posted on this page on the Laguna =

The title of the post is=3D20
Chemical Composition of Gerstley Borate
Thank you,
Julie Brooks
Creative Director
Laguna Clay Company