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creativity and wordpress

updated fri 24 aug 12


mel jacobson on thu 23 aug 12

rimas, you sure have it correct...any education, jobs, experiences
are vital in making a person a true problem solver.

those that sit around, never do, hire others will never
have the creative problem solving gene developed.

and, you can develop it. it is teachable...if not, all
art teachers should resign, or be fired. we have to teach it.
it is our obligation. and we never say...`oh, you were born
with, you have potential to be creative.`

we can teach it to our children, our spouses, neighbors.
it is ongoing every day.

i did a mini lesson for two of my neighbor boys on monday.
their lawn mower would start and die.
i said `air, there is no air`.
check the air filter, total dirt and grass. i took it out
washed it, then had them do it twice. checked the oil...low of course
and had them fill it. talked about choke systems...and made a drawing.
i think they understand.
they got the lawn mowed, and they did not have to take the mower
someplace for fixing. i will bug them to make sure they do it right.

i have dropped the word press system.
i am going back to simple ftp upload of a simple
website. it is free work, helping out. that done. thanks for those that added information.
clayart page below: