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again, yahoo is not clayart

updated sat 25 aug 12


mel jacobson on fri 24 aug 12

yahoo is a mirror of clayart run each day.
you cannot post from yahoo, it is `read only`.
if you want to post, join clayart, or let me
post it for you. (i am glad to do that..takes just
a few seconds.)

yahoo clayart is a great way to read clayart,
with no posts coming to your computer.
it is very nice for those that do not post, but
want to keep up with clayart.

it is non-invasive. and really nice when you go
`nomail` and want to check in from time to time.

i use it all the time when i am not moderating, and want
to see who is naughty and taking advantage of our subs.
(just like kids in 7th grade bug the sub.)
clayart page below: