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how we treat teachers/ the state of our schools

updated sat 25 aug 12


Christina Leake on fri 24 aug 12

I tried to just lurk on this one, but I can't help myself. =3D

Hi All,=3D0A=3D0AI tried to just lurk on this one, but I can't help myself.=
=3DA0 =3D
It seems to me that there is a time for online teaching and a time for in c=
lass, a time for adjunct teachers and a time for the system to pony up and =
hire a teacher full time. There is NEVER a time to cheat any employee. =3D0=
=3D0ATeaching as an adjunct professor or working in any part time position =
ves both employee and employer a chance to "feel the fit". While hiring an =
person fulltime is a big company commmitment, it is also a big commitment f=
rom the new employee. After all, they are both putting their futures in eac=
h other's hands. Would you really want your company in the hands of someone=
you have repetedlly cheated? Parttime employment is also a good place for =
some few who would prefer to work in that type of way. It is NOT a producti=
ve way to fill a full time position. I believe this is a short term financi=
al plan that leads to failure for all of us. =3D0A=3D0AHow our teachers are=
ng treated is a direct reflection of how people in general are being treate=
d in the workforce. You cannot get the best from a worker who is being chea=
ted or an employee who cannot protect (insurance) or otherwise properly tak=
e care of their family and plan a future.=3DA0 A fair days work for a fair =
ys pay is the way it should be.=3D0A=3D0AThanks for listening,=3D0AChris Le=