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laguna follow up

updated sat 25 aug 12


mel jacobson on fri 24 aug 12

julie brooks is the wife of the owner of laguna.
she has been a great resource for clayarters.
she jumps on things fast. tries to find the right answer.
and, as any good owner would do, she tries to correct

and, that is a reminder.
most of the clay companies that are worth their
salt will have online information. and, when you have
serious questions, call them...ask serious questions.
do not blast some company because your thought was that
maybe, maybe something is wrong. find out.

laguna has always been very forthcoming in sharing
information that folks need.
they have great techs that will answer any question.
just make the call. don't argue about it on clayart.

my friends at continental clay all spend hours a day on the phone.
it is amazing how many people argue even when presented with the
correct answer.

as i have said...joe koons spent his days talking with
customers about glaze. he was a master.

this is a very vendor friendly listserv. i want them to participate
in information and technology. when i call call laguna, or continental
clay, i expect courteous, helpful and correct information. but i sure
don't argue with them when they answer my questions.
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