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edith franklin- facebook message

updated sun 26 aug 12


ksavino@BUCKEYE-EXPRESS.COM on sat 25 aug 12

I just spent some time with Edith, whose bed at hospice has been surrounded=
by people since early this morning: potters, relatives, friends, people fr=
om the arts community, guild members, former students.

She has always been diminutive, but she seems even smaller now, like a litt=
le bird in a pillowy nest. Morphine has made her a little dreamy and drifty=
, but anytime the words "we should let you rest" were spoken she protested =
that she was loving the company, the conversations and the attention. She's=
sharing stories, listening to stories, asking us to make a guest book for =
her many visitors.

I told her that people were sending their love in a thread on my facebook p=
age and she wanted specifics -- so her friend Doug (who has been at her bed=
side all day) said that he would pull up facebook on his iphone and read he=
r any comment made about her on facebook.

I asked if she had words of wisdom to share with the people talking about =
her on line right now... for potters, she said, "Really LOOK at pots. Handl=
e pots". (and with a twinkle) -- "Feel bottoms." Also: "Practice, practice=
, practice. If it's hard, keep trying. Love your clay."

And wisdom she offers everyone is the words she wrote on her pots: "Live, l=
ove, laugh, learn."

So I'm inviting those of you on facebook to drop by my page and send Edith =
a kind word, a fond memory, a thank you for her friendship or guidance. Rem=
ind her who you are and how she knows you.

Please do it soon, if you want to do it. Don't wait. ('nuff said?)

Kelly in Ohio... thinking hospice is a marvelous place, a gentle place, a d=
ifferent kind of midwifing at the other end of life.