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pug mill problem

updated sun 26 aug 12


Gene Arnold on sat 25 aug 12

I have a shimpo pug mill that I'm having problems with the vacuum.
It's model number pv-071 I think. The problem I'm having is with air
bubbles, large one small ones too, The problem started some time back
maybe at least a year ago. It had and original style piston style
vacuum pump that kept pulling oil and water vapor from the crankcase,
this oil would then get on the valvue reeds. This will cause the
machine to not pull as much vacuum. So I call shimpo and order a new
diaphragm style vacuum pump. I took this time to take the pug mill
completely apart. Did a total clean out and put the unit back together
using red high temp silicone on all the joins, Let the pug mill sit
for a week to let the silicone set up before i ran clay through the
machine. Even with cleaning out the machine, siliconing the unit back
together and a new vacuum pump and lines and gauges. I still get air
bubbles. The vacuum gauge reads 26 when I'm putting clay through the
machine. I feed the clay in a manor that the hopper stays full of clay
so it won't break suction.

Shimpo is still checking on this, but haven't figured out anything as

It really slows my production down. I spend more time popping and
repairing air bubbles than I do making pottery.
Gene Arnold