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style changes, societal changes,materials changes

updated sun 26 aug 12 on sat 25 aug 12

It is interesting to look ,in hindsight at how societal:economic and cult=
changes for example, affect style and even materials in arts.
as we moved from the 20s to the thirties, streamline moderne washed in,=

incoming tide over the ebbing styles of the 20s, with its romantic movie=

driven exoticism and residual arts and crafts roots.

stripped down industrial and bauhaus inspired design influenced not onl=
architecture ,furniture, fine art and home interiors, but influenced
building materials.

this and the depression put hundreds of tile companies, for example ,out=
it is interesting to see how some of the companies struggled to change
their product lines in the early thirties.=3D20

Cement, metal, glass became the materials of choice, perhaps for cost ,=

perhaps because they signaled the new modernism. traditional materials,
clay, wood, stone had to be used in different ways. yes there was the wil=
side of art deco, the regional variations of art deco, but also a general=

honing of form and stripping of ornament in some quarters, and change on
many levels, though not all responses were the same.

It is difficult ,in my mind to separate the simple design influence from =
economic changes. The rise of new materials, the changes in culture and

these changes do not happen overnight, as the changing of the palace guar=
yet over a fairly short period of time things change very much.

I see a lot of upcycling art/craft/building going on, so yes, it will b=
interesting to see what changes come, how we change with it .

art does not operate in a vacuum.

Stephani Stephenson