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art, idols, auctions and suckers

updated mon 27 aug 12


Deborah Thuman on sun 26 aug 12

I had to read John's post several times to realize the event was called =3D
Arts and Idols rather than Arts and Idiots.=3D20

This summer, Jim and I each donated two pieces of our work to the New =3D
Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. The group holds a silent =3D
auction every summer and the funds raised go to the group. I made my =3D
donation not for exposure but to help fund the organization. We didn't =3D
attend the silent auction so we don't know how much money our work =3D
raised. Or didn't raise. It's not always nice to see the public value of =
one's work.=3D20

It isn't just artists who are expected to work for free. I've had =3D
"friends" expect me to just give them several hours of legal work. One =3D
expected me to: drive 6 hours one way, spend the night in a hotel, argue =
the "friend's" case, spend another night in a hotel, and drive 6 hours =3D
back for free. The "friend" was insulted that I wouldn't do that. A =3D
neighbor was going through a divorce and expected me to critique his =3D
attorney's work. I finally told him I would charge him if he asked any =3D
more questions. That was the end of that "friendship." A coworker was =3D
astounded when I refused to replace a zipper in her garment. I'm a fiber =
artist so I should be willing to replace zippers for free.=3D20

What do all these freeloaders have in common? Not a one of them would =3D
work 5 minutes for free.=3D20

Deb Thuman