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cm and style changes

updated mon 27 aug 12


Lili Krakowski on sun 26 aug 12

Yes, it hurts. Yes, it makes me feel even older than I am. Yes, it is =3D
a lot of too bad. BUT it also is glorious, wonderful, exciting...but =3D
not for me.

My mother believed reality was a fiction...and needed a good =3D
ignoring....I am beginning to see her point!

The ethos, the Zeitgeist, the whole mood of the Arts & Crafts Movement =3D
faded away, the Scandinavian/German/Dutch era left, the =3D
Korean/Chinese/Japanese "voice" is beginning to hush.

We have moved into a new world of clay.

But, truth to tell, as much else is fading away, as many old customs and =
traditions are gone, and it should be no surprise that pottery has =3D
changed with it.

I dropped my CM subscription because the content is "foreign" to me. I =3D
just renewed my subscription to PMI. Neither sorrow nor anger--it just =3D
is analogous to a favorite restaurant changing its menu from
traditional American to Indian. Indian cuisine is great...But while I =3D
can eat tuna fish sandwiches all the time--and do--dhal, for me, is a =3D
sometime thing...Not judgment. Taste and habit.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage