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fw: perfection, joyce

updated tue 28 aug 12 on mon 27 aug 12

it is majolica of which you speak!
this bowl can now be your example of 'commercially made majolica', or
'industrially manufactured majolica', or 'mass produced majolica ', who
knows what the best term is . you bought it because it appealed to you in=

some way . i did the same thing in downtown LA, bought a couple of
commercial ,mass produced bowls in a Japanese import market. they were $=
and were quite attractive. guilty pleasure i suppose.

i look at my cabinets and they are probably 97 % handmade ware, 2% vintag=
slipcast ware (the cookie jar from when i was a kid, the Sascha Brastoff
alaska igloo candy dish i found for 50 cents, a couple of plates from the=

40s, a little teapot), and less than 1% commercial..anything else is glas=
or metal. all of my handmade ware is from people i know or even a few fro=
my own hand and that is a nice feeling.

Stephani Stephenson

sorry to hear about the A/C bill.twice is rough. we have had a lot of
clouds this summer so it has boosted the humidity, but didn't have to use=

the a/c all that much. then again i work the house like a sailboat, closi=
it in the day, opening at night, managing airflow and heat intrusion. the=

studio has a really small swamp cooler and fans, not super comfy, but no=
too bad, really. At this end of the desert, the nights are getting coole=
which means the mornings stay cooler longer, ahhhhhhhhhhh!