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light dome and zippy mat flooring for sale in south florida

updated tue 28 aug 12


KathysPottery@AOL.COM on mon 27 aug 12

I am no longer doing outdoor shows and am selling my Light Dome. It
includes the frame, canopy top with the zipper in the back to accommodate t=
rear awning extension that provides shade for your booth. It also includes =
anchoring systems and tie downs for the tent and rear awning extension. The
canopy top and rear awning were purchased in Sept. 2002. The rest were
bought in 1998. We did 3-4 outdoor shows a year. It is in very good condit=
I can e-mail a photo taken in Feb. 2011 showing it closed with a view from
the front and side. I also have a photo taken in 2007 showing how the
weights are attached to the tent. They are made of PVC filled with concret=
with a U bolt embedded in the top to attach the straps. They are 30" high =
4" wide and weigh between 40-50 lbs. If you bought it new, the cost is
$1074.00 which would not include the weights. I am asking $700.00.
I am also selling the blue portable interlocking cushiony water proof
floor covering. There are 25 2'x2' squares, two 2' corner edges and 13 2'
edges which are beveled so there is no tripping problem. The mat is made b=
y a
company in NJ Their e-mail is : _wandix@aol.com_ ( .
If new, it is $130.00 I am asking $65.00.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Kath Schultz