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modern pots as business/art

updated tue 28 aug 12


mel jacobson on mon 27 aug 12

part three.

in the history of pots, clay objects was never
art. (perhaps some in asia) it was utility, religious, symbolic,
to be used broken the purchased again.
the clay makers where business people, not artists.

it was traded, bartered, purchased and used.
it was not hobby or art. it was vital to people.

it was not part of academia...(god forbid) it may have
been trade school, apprentice work. but colleges did not start
offering ceramics until maybe 1930, and it got going big after
world war 2 in the united states and some in europe.

clay became `art` in our modern era.

my point is that modern technology is changing how we make
and buy and sell clay objects...and that is just all i am pointing out.
there are reasons for it to change.
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