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updated tue 28 aug 12


mel jacobson on mon 27 aug 12

this is a repeat.
we have many nomail people back from summer.

the acers corporation is dropping support of
clayart. we will be changing over very soon to a
simple clayart run and owned by mel. we will add features
and changes as we grow. (and we will, and are.)

all funds for running clayart and the charity branch
will come from members. you can send a check to:
mel jacobson
14831 Walker Place
Minnetonka, MN 55345

(free will, any amount)
paypal app on my clayart website.
(we are just like npr. free will offering.)

please save/print/bookmark my clayart page below.
if we have trouble, you can go there for instructions
as how to get back on.

all previous instruction sheets are void. as the url will
change very soon. i am sure we can contact you, but you may have
trouble getting to us. that will change fast.
please contact former clayart friends and tell them of the change.
(facebook is a great place to do that.)

we hope the change will be seamless.
a major ceramics vendor will house clayart on their server.
they have been good friends to clayart for years. it will make
you smile.

and, thank goodness their are still many that love the listserv
format. low impact, small digital space, off the web and
easy to do. remember, we serve folks in 90 countries...and
email is simple for small towns/rural areas, and folks that do not have
blazing computer/internet speed. email is simple and safe.
clayart page below: