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keep your job

updated wed 29 aug 12


tony clennell on tue 28 aug 12

and retire as a potter. This is wise advice given by Lee to his
students at NCC. I have found in my 10 years of teaching at Sheridan
the demographics have really changed and Lee's model is what I am
seeing. These past two years my class have included a PHD in Physics,
a Masters of Art Administration, a pharmacist, a stock broker, a
lawyer, a architect, a veterinarian, 2 project managers, retired
teachers etc, etc. All women and all now doing what they have wanted
to do all their lives. It's not good to have a room full of them as
they have husbands and families and the room can empty very quickly at
supper time. Ten years ago Sheila would phone at 7:30 and ask where I
was. I would tell her the students are still throwing and making so
getting home at 8-8:30 was the norm. I am now home for dinner. They
work harder during the time they are there but there is not that sub
culture after school that can be so great for working. I have often
said real education happens after hours. I like a mix of the young and
middle age.
Young potters are still making it. They are forming co-operative
studios and finding a way. It is much harder than when I started but
they wait tables, jockey cars and find a way to make pots. I think
some of the best pots in decades are being made now by some clever
hungry younguns.
I owe, I owe so off to work I go.