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perfection or what am i aiming for?

updated wed 29 aug 12


Deborah Thuman on mon 27 aug 12

I spent quality time in the clay studio on Sunday. My immediate projects =
are to make individual covered casserole dishes using the same dried =3D
poppy seed pod shape I've been using for about a year now. I'm working =3D
on making the walls thinner. The coil building continues to improve. I =3D
got as far as I could on two casseroles and need to wait for the clay to =
dry a bit before I continue building. Jim, who started out as a wood =3D
pattern maker, makes very careful pieces. He scrapes. He sands. He has =3D
his little light to see inside the pot so he knows what he's doing =3D
inside the pot. Me, I coil build the dried poppy seed pod, work on =3D
making my coiling skills better and getting the walls thinner. It's an =3D
organic shape, and like dried poppy seed pods, the casserole dish is not =
symmetrical. Maybe perfection is different for each of us.=3D20

The second immediate project is to make stamps for putting the wax =3D
resist on dyed fabric. I've discovered I love making batik fabric. The =3D
stamps don't have to be perfect. They have to be flat. I'm making both =3D
positive and negative stamps. Maybe for the stamps, perfection =3D3D flat.=

Deb Thuman