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the best... ah.....ha

updated wed 29 aug 12


J Lee on tue 28 aug 12

Mel, It is=3DA0 great to hear that Arnold will be so closely associated wit=
=3DA0Clayart.=3D0AHe's always been a significant bud on the list and one of=
pleasures of NCECA=3D0Ahas been to sit and talk with him for a spell.=3DA0=
s more than generous of him to=3D0Atake this one, and astute of you to reco=
ize what the offer could mean far=3D0Abeyond just making it all work better=
echnically.=3DA0 I'm more proud than ever to be=3D0Aeven a tiny bit=3DA0ass=
d with such a dynamic list.=3D0A=3D0AHang in there, buddy.=3DA0 It's going =
to be =3D
a good ride.=3D0A=3D0AJoyce=3D0AIn the Mojave Desert of CA where Jack loves=
busy "helping" the concrete=3D0Ainstallers.=3DA0 Mojo, who at first glance=
, ap=3D
pears to be the sweetest while Jack might=3D0Aon first meeting offer The Ev=
Eye.... shortly they reverse roles... and Jack is asked=3D0Ato stay to hel=
p =3D
out... and the workers are visibly relieved when Mojo decides to=3D0Acome i=
n =3D
where it's cool and there's water.... remember, she's almost 11... and=3D0A=
ts it.... though she's very tiny....she has learned to be scary....... such=