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co-op info needed (longish)

updated mon 9 feb 98


Unruly JuliE on sun 8 feb 98

hello to all you clayart people. I am looking for some
information regarding a clay co-op and I know that some of you
will be able to help me out.

A group of potters in the West Michigan area are looking to start
a clay co-operative. We have split into three groups, each
looking into specific information. My group is looking into the
workspace angle. There is a seperate group looking into teaching /
class's and another dealing with real estate / management

We would like to know how you deal with people who are just
looking for space to rent, as they have their own equipment; what
to charge and what kind of contract to draw up if any. We also
would like to know how to deal with people who just are looking to
rent studio time, as they do not have any equipment, what type of
contract for these people and what to charge. For those renting
studio time, have you set open studio time for all or do you have
a signup sheet for a certain number of people to come in and work
at specific times (i.e.' only space for 6 people at a time) . We
are looking for information about any and all aspects of renting
space for people and their equipment and studio time for those
without equipment.

If you can supply us with any information, or names of people not
on the internet who could supply us with information, it would be
greatly appreaciated. You can e-mail me privately if you prefer.

Thank you for your time and energy.