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aftosa mini burner alert

updated wed 11 feb 98


Ken Russell on tue 10 feb 98

If you make small hurricane lamps and use Aftosa's LB303B burners, the
latest shipment I received fit NONE of the older ones. I called Aftosa and
they weren't aware of it. Now they are. I would recommend that if you have
extra old mini brass collars, don't mix them up with the new ones. The new
brass burners and collars are slightly smaller than the older ones and don't
fit like they used to. If you already sent
several shipments out this year (like I have) with new burners and old
collars, you're S.O.L. Aftosa will send more new brass burners and collars
to replace the ones that were comingled with the newer burners. I've got
about 2 dozen coming back from shops to whom I sell. I'm glad Aftosa met me
at least half way and took some of the hit.

Ken Russell
The Arlington Pottery