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new: fine arts visitor's gallery

updated thu 12 feb 98


CDJeff on wed 11 feb 98

All visiting artists to the Fine Arts site at
are invited to submit artwork to the Fine Arts Visitor's Gallery
. This is a
*juried selection*. Artists may submit one image per month, which will be
displayed for one month in the "Fine Arts Submissions Gallery" at
. During the month
that artwork is displayed in this temporary gallery, visitors to the site will
vote on their four favorite submissions of the month. At the end of the month
the top four voted submissions will be moved to the permanent Fine Arts
Visitor's gallery. An artist can be represented only once in the Visitor's
Gallery. The artist's name and contact information, including a hotlink to the
artist's personal Internet site will be included.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully in the Visitor's Gallery FAQ so that
your submissions will be included.
. This fine arts
site has heavy traffic and should provide excellent free publicity to artists
displaying work in these galleries. It is a family site visited by educators,
homeschoolers and students, therefore no pornographic or obscene materials will
be considered. Feel free to contact your fine arts guide at email:
Chris Jeffries
Fine Arts Guide at the Mining Company