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son of how to keep tiles square

updated thu 12 feb 98


Malone & Dean McRaine on wed 11 feb 98

Aloha all: I know when I've called forth a common problem when I get this
many responses. Thanks to Kris Baum... Yes my tiles are relief and don't
stack well. I'll be shopping for beans and ladies stockings.
As for the shrinking edgeline-I shaved one batch of them (boring) to get
them square but then decided to carve out a slight bulge in my plaster
moulds so when the waistline sucked in as they dry they still have a
slightly outwardly curving outline which I find very pleasing, nicer even
than a strictly rectangular edge. I learned this in theory by considering
the benificial effects of beer drinking on the attractiveness of middle aged
Thanks to all,