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updated thu 12 feb 98


LOWELL BAKER on wed 11 feb 98

I will be leading a topical discussion group at NCECA concerning
using wood as a fuel. I am interested in getting as diverse a
conversation going (all temperature ranges and techniques) as
I can. I have asked for a projector and
they suggested "you could look into renting or borrowing a caramate
projector". It seems to me this should be a visual experience. I
would like to give all the participants the ability to view the
objects and techniques we are discussing; to
make this conversation as professional as possible.

If there is anyone out there who has the capability of prying the
money out of NCECA for the rental and installation of slide viewing
equipment for the breakout sessions, I would suggest this might be
the appropriate thing to do.

Needless to say, I am a little confused by the reluctance to provide
appropriate equipment for the sessions. My hotel is one of those a
mile away and I was trying to save a little money and get some much
needed exercise by not renting a car, so I don't think I will be
lugging a caramate around. I am certainly open to suggestions as to
ways to make this experience as profitable for all of us as possible.

W. Lowell Baker
E-mail me directly if you would like to present work (in the form of
slides) for discussion at this session.