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crystalline glaze and electric kiln

updated thu 19 feb 98 on thu 12 feb 98

I am using a skutt1027 with computer. I do crystalline cone 10 glaze with 5
hour soak at 2000, 1900, and 1800. I only get 12 glaze firings and then the
computer reads ERR 1, indicating that the temperature rise was less than the
minimum degrees per hr (12oF?),the kiln shuts off before reaching 2300o
eliminating the soak period and ruining all pots. I am trying to return the
kiln and find one that suits my purposes. Any ideas? I have replaced elements.
thermocouple. and computer, and checked wiring numerous times. It seems like
the skutt elements are not designed for long soaking periods at this temp
range. Thanks for any info. I am looking at a AIMS kiln or a Crucible. Carol
Gay Cantor, Boise, Idaho

David Woodin on wed 18 feb 98

I would suspect the computor itself more than the kiln. We have an industrial
programable controller on the same kiln and have none of the problems
mentioned. The computor shutting off just because a ramp is not maintained is
part of the original programming of the controller and not the customers
fault, Skutt may be able to help, but the design is probably Orton, there new
Autopro controllers may have solved this problem. Orton has the license on
these programable controllers.