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nceca breakout: wood as a fuel

updated sun 15 feb 98


LOWELL BAKER on fri 13 feb 98

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Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 08:25:57 CST6CDT
Subject: Wood as a fuel: Breakout session at NCECA
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I have been thinking about the inability to project images at the
Wood As a Fuel; Breakout at NCECA. I have come to the conclusion
that any discussion is better than none at all, SO.

Let me throw this idea out and see if it might work: If I can get
you folks to send me slides of your work I will have them digetized,
print then on a 8.5X11 format and we can hold up, pass around or make
airplanes out of them during the discussion. I would be even more
thrilled if I could then keep the slides for my teaching collection.
I could arange to have the slides duplicated and they can be
available to individuals and institutions at cost.

How does this/that idea grab you?

I am very interested in getting information and participation from
people who are working at all temperatures and techniques; from
smoke/smolder to cone 14.

If we are going to do this we have to start now. Let me know what
you think.

W. Lowell Baker
The University of Alabama

Louis Katz on sat 14 feb 98
Here is an image from me. I think there should be more support for
breakout groups and co-ordinated events such as lectures and
demonstrators. I will bring it up at the spring meeting. I realize that
this is too late for this years conference, but that is the process that
in my mind will bring about the most favorable result.

On this and all issues concerning how NCECA is run, I encourage you to
write the board. I beleive that we give written letters the most careful
consideration. Comments during the conference and at the Saturday Open
meeting, do have an effect, but letters, more easily remembered and
considered, carry more weight, and we get few letters.

I also bring carbons (with names removed) of all email on Clayart
concerning NCECA to the Spring Board meeting. There is not time at the
meeting to read it all there. If online NCECA members wish me to forward
mail to the rest of the board please write to me and use "Dear NCECA
Board" as the subject. I would prefer not to get these messages through
CLAYART although I have no objection to your sending a copy to the list.

Please remember that all of the board members are volunteers. We all
have limited resources and time that we can devote to the conference.
Hardly a three day period goes by when there is not something to do for
NCECA. Please try and be constructive. Make suggestions, point out weak
areas, but remember the board are well meaning NCECA members. Remember
that suggestions that require a lot of time to implement have to be
implemented by someone.

All issues that I remember from the Saturday Meeting last year were
brought up and discussed at the Spring Meeting last May.

I also encourage all of you to run for the board. You can get elected as
a nominee from the floor.

Louis Katz

Louis Katz
Texas A&M University CC
6300 Ocean
CCTX 78412
(512) 994-5987