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updated mon 16 feb 98


Mel Jacobson on sun 15 feb 98

well the mail man said to me today....`well the small packages
have slowed down, how many did you finally get?` `well near
70 i guess`. `wow, that was a lot of mugs`....`yes, i said...a lot
of mugs`........and it has been a treat to receive and then send out
almost 70 mugs, i have them around the house and studio.

as you can imagine, it is a broad range of work. i am not going
to talk about them, not individually, but just say that it was a treat.
and they are fun to have....many will go to the farm for our `Hay Creek
camp`....(they will be discussed) and because we have 4 houses on
the property they will get distributed at random, then exchanged
often. (almost all crockery gets changed around, never anything
stays at one house.)

it was ironic that tony c's mug arrived yesterday. and since he is
an old time pro/ (well sorta) and can stand the critique...i will just
say that it has one of the most wonderful shino glazes i have ever
laid these old eyes on. it really is a `star` quality piece, and since
he lives so far away in that foreign country, we do not get a chance
to see his pots, so maybe i will try his celedon. ron roy would say...`mm, well, sorta nice`.

and a special thanks to all of you that took the time and effort to send me
a mug........and i hope you like the one you got.

mel/mn who bought a new, wonderful, down, dark green winter
jacket from eddie bauer....and did not get to wear it this winter...cuzz
we have not had a seems that it has been 35f every day this
seems strange. like we missed something.