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vince pitelka workshops in nw wash. and b.c.

updated thu 26 feb 98


Michael McDowell on tue 17 feb 98

It's my pleasure to announce to the list that we have set dates now for
Vince Pitelka's summer workshop offerings in Northwest Washington State and
Vancouver, B.C. As many of you may recall, I hosted two sessions of Vince's
Ancient Clay workshop here last summer. Both sessions turned out to be
really special learning and sharing experiences for everyone involved. We
are hoping to recreate that magic again this year. This time around, there
will be only one session of the Ancient Clay Workshop. That will be here at
my home studio in Whatcom County, WA from July 27th thru July 31st. The
week before that, Vince will be offering a session of his Colored Clay
workshop that will be given in Vancouver, B.C. Dates for the Colored Clay
workshop are July 18th thru July 22nd. The last workshop in Vince's west
coast offerings this summer will be a new one for him. Color and Surface
with Slip Techniques. Vince has been producing functional slip decorated
ware for some time now, but I believe this will be the first time he has
offerred a workshop on slip decoration. Dates for this workshop are August
3rd thru August 7th.

Workshop size is limited to ten participants for each of the workshops
offered here at my place. I'm not sure about the maximum size for the
workshop in Vancouver, but will probably be about the same. Further details
and contact information are given in the listings below.


Vancouver, BC, Canada - Clay Studio 73, July 18-22 - FORM AND SURFACE
WITHCOLORED CLAYS, with Vince Pitelka. Covers colored clay sprigging,
marbleizing, layered effects, patterned loaf constr., neriage/nerikomi,
clay murini, in handbuilt, thrown form. For intermediate through advanced.
=24275 plus clay cost. =2450 deposit.
Olga Campbell, 3866 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R2N8, phone -
604/224-6730, email -

Ferndale, Washington - McDowell Studio/Farm, July 27-31 - ANCIENT CLAY,
with Vince Pitelka. Covers handbuilding techniques, decoration,
terra-sigilatta, burnishing/polishing, bonfire-firing of ancient/tribal
vessels/sculpture. Beginning through advanced. =24250 plus clay cost.
August 3-7 - COLOR AND SURFACE WITH SLIP TECHNIQUES, with Vince Pitelka.
Covers sgrafitto,
slip-layering, stamping, resist, trailing, marbleizing, feather-combing on
thrown, handbuilt wares. For intermediate through advanced. =24275 plus
clay cost. For either workshop, =2450 deposit. On-site camping included, or
B=26B nearby, share cost of group-prepared meals.
Michael McDowell, P.O.Box 4125, Bellingham, WA 98227, phone -
360/384-2543, email -

I'll post this information again as dates draw closer. I just wanted to be
sure that fellow clayarters were the first to know. Hopefully, I'll get my
web page up sometime soon and can post some pics of last years happenings,
along with reviews from past participants.

Michael McDowell
Whatcom County, WA USA

Pamela Jo Stamper on wed 25 feb 98

It's my pleasure to announce to the list that we have set dates now for
Vince Pitelka's summer workshop offerings

I don't know whether to try to plan on your Vince workship yet.
This has been quite a year. After Dad's death in July, this fall was
notable for my sister's family and legal(brother-in-laws) problems. Mom
stayed in Washington at my sister's request. Then the night before she was
to go down to her small trailer in Arizona, she fell and broke her
shoulder. When Mom finally got to the point that she could dress and care
for herself, her sister died. She went to the funeral and is now safely in
Arizona. We can breathe a sigh of relief for at least 2 months because she
has fabulous neighbors who are caring for her.
The bottom line is that Mom may well move in with us for at least
part of the year and her health doesn't look great. I don't dare make any
plans just yet ---but your workshop is probably something I should try to
do for myself.
Thanks again for all the support last year.

Not to end on such a gloomy note. I got great copper reds in the
last firing over a dark cobalt on a vase. I have some other pieces in the
kiln now that try some new techniques. My work sometimes pleasantly
surprises me now and I realize just how much I had (have) to learn. :)