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nceca/ceramics usa in denton

updated thu 19 feb 98


Bacia Edelman on wed 18 feb 98

I am wondering if any of you who will be at NCECA are interested in renting
a car to drive the 35 miles to Univ. of No. Texas to see the exhibit
Ceramics USA l998, juried by David Shaner. I have just learned from the
exhibition coordinators that it will not be included in the bus tours on

I have yet to book my flight and my favorite airline has only one flight out
on Sat. Mar. 28th mid-morning which would mean I couldn't do the trip up to
Denton on Saturday. I'd like to know as soon as possible if anyone is
interested in going up there, even on Tuesday evening, when Jack Troy is
supposed to give a gallery talk at the exhibit.

You don't have to have work in the exhibit to want to see it, but may I tell
that this old granma has a teapot accepted in the show. Please let me know
if you are interested in the car rental. Bacia Edelman