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car rental at nceca

updated fri 20 feb 98


Jean Lehman on thu 19 feb 98

I will have a car and will definitely be going to the opening of the
Ceramics USA exhibit, although I do not have a piece in it.

My schedule: Arriving 3 pm Tuesday, March 24
Leaving 2 pm Saturday, March 28
I will be glad to take passengers, but don't want to wait around the
airport TOO long! It is a small car, but if I am sure to have passengers, I
can probably upgrade.

My roommate and Bacia get first chance, but will take the next one or two
who contact me...


>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>I am wondering if any of you who will be at NCECA are interested in renting
>a car to drive the 35 miles to Univ. of No. Texas to see the exhibit
>Ceramics USA l998, juried by David Shaner. I have just learned from the
>exhibition coordinators that it will not be included in the bus tours on

Jean Lehman, in Lancaster, PA
j_lehman@acad.FandM.EDU (that's an _underscore_ not a hyphen)
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