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brushes (materials)

updated thu 26 feb 98


Cindy on fri 20 feb 98

Hi, Everybody.

I was going through some papers and came across a catalog that I thought
might be of help to some of you who like to make your own brushes. You can
get various types of animal tails (I like the coyote tails, at about $6
each) and other things. Saves those weird looks when folks see you
collecting road kill.

Anyway, here's the URL: Sorry I
don't know how to make this "clickable". The name of the business is the
Claw, Antler, and Hide Co., Inc. These folks are friends of mine, and I
know they'll try to find what you need if it's not listed. Hope this is of
help to someone.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels
Custer, SD

Timothy Dean Malm on sat 21 feb 98

If you are in need of animal rails and don't like collecting rosdkill.
check you yellow pages to see if there is a fly-tying supply store in your
city. There are several in the Seattle area. whichcarry materials for
tying fishing flies. They are cleaned, bugfree and dried. Tails come in
lots of different lengthes and colors. and sre usually not too expensive.

Paul Lewing on wed 25 feb 98

Another place to look for all kinds of hair is your local
taxidermist's shop. They have scraps and sometimes whole hides that
they're usually willing to give away.

Paul Lewing, Seattle