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anciet oil lamps

updated mon 2 mar 98


Rivolta on sun 1 mar 98

This message to Kris Griffith has come back several times, so I am
posting it to CLAYART. Hope no one minds.

Dear Kris-

I'm not able to provide you with as extensive or up-to-date list as I'd
like since, after looking through my files, I rememered that I
bequeathed my very extensive bibliogray on near eastern archaeology to a
friend who has remained in the field. However, this should get you off
to a good start.

1) "Agora: The Athenian Agora, Results of Excavtaions Conducted by the
American School of Classical Studies at Athens":
Vol. IV. R. H. Howland, "Greek Lamps and their Survivals", Princeton,
Vol. VII. Judith Perlzweig, "Lamps of the Roman Period", Princeton, 1961

2) Antioch I: "Antioch-on-the-Orontes: The Excavations of 1932", ed. by
G. W. Elderkin, Princeton, 1934. "Lamps" by F. O. Waage, pp. 58-67

3) Antioch III: "Antioch-on-the-Orontes: The Excavations of 1937-1939",
ed. by R. Stillwell, Princeton, 1941. "Lamps by F. O. Waage, pp. 55-82

4) "Corinth: Results of Excavations Conducted by the American School of
Classical Studies at Athens", vol. IV, O. Broneer, "Terracotta Lamps",
Cambridge, MA, 1934

5) "King Herod's Dream: Caesarea on the Sea", K. G. Holum, R.L.
Holfelder, R. J. Bull, and A. Raban, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1988

6) "Pella of the Decapolis", R. H. Smith, Wooster, Ohio, 1973

Looking through arcaeological journals such as "The Biblical
Archaeologist", The Journal of the American Schools of Oriental
Research", "Berytus", and magazines as "Archaeology" and Biblical
Archaeology Review" will also yield information on pottery lamps.

It is also interesting and fun to look through dictionaries and other
references on the Bible and the Koran to find references to lamps and
light. The lamp is often used symbolically to mean life and the life
force. For instance: "May your lamp never go out."

All the best,