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woodfire workshop

updated fri 29 aug 08


LOWELL BAKER on tue 3 mar 98

I am now ready to take names and addresses of those who are
interested in participating in the small wood fire workshop here at
the university of Alabama, April 17-19.

We will fire the two chamber kiln with wood and sawdust to cone 10-12.
I will take only fifteen participants so each of you may have some
work in the kiln.

cost is $25.00 per. Return E-mail directly to me:

The wood as a fuel breakout session at NCECA is scheduled for 3:30-
5:00 on Friday March 27, at the Worthington in Fort Worth. I have
received some slides and would like to get a lot more. Hope to see
you there.

W. Lowell Baker
The University of Alabama
it's Warren......but that name was taken

Karen Sullivan on sat 21 apr 01

I am posting this again in case anyone missed it.
It should be a great week..
The Steve Davis Kazegama is amazing...
bamboo karen

Idyllwild Arts Center, California...
Weeklong intensive program of Firing Techniques
June 23 Saturday through June 29, Friday - 2001

Resident Instructors
Jesse Bay, Steve Davis, Greg Kennedy, Kevin A. Myers

Visiting Artists
Marsha Judd, David Kiddie, Karen Sullivan, Robby Wood

Program will include the following processes:
Wood Fire
Salt Glazed Stoneware
Cone 10 Reduction
Charcoal Fire
Fast Wood Fire
Wood Fired Raku
China Painted Raku
Paper Saggar
Lowfire Salt
We will discuss kiln building, firing and glazing in addition to
experiencing the actual firing techniques.

Tuition, room and board: $795-
All-inclusive fee covers tuition, meals and on-campus housing (double
Occupancy), raw materials and glazes, daily demonstrations, slide
presentations, a souvenir T-shirt and a printed compendium/syllabus of the
weeks activities.

Contact Idyllwild Arts Summer Registrar - P.O. Box 38 - Idyllwild, CA
909-659-2171 x365
or 213- 622-0355
They will provide more information...

joyce on thu 28 aug 08

Yea and triple yea for you and for Jeff who must be one intuitive
dude!!! Jim went with me to my first few workshops...... one was
Jack Troy's woodfire.. the other Robin Hopper's 2 week glaze
course... and an NCECA in Vegas...... and Vince's handbuilding
plus pitfiring workshop at Michael's in Washington state.

It helped a great deal that he went with me. He finally got what
I was trying to do and
that I was NOT the best around........ not even the best among the
lesser novices ...... and that I didn't care...... which was important because
he with his
funny colored glasses always thought I was the smartest anywhere
at anything........ because until then I was ALWAYS in my comfort
zone; yes, for 50 plus years......... And, yes, I was an Oldest sibling
of three, spending the first 5 years of my life as an Only..... and am
saturated with most of the symptoms of that sometimes sad state.

This was all part of my Gonna Grow Old Anyway Why Not Get Out Of My
Comfort Zone Shake Things Up A Bit............. which was outrageously
successful and changed my life completely...... since I had figured I'd
continue what I'd been doing..... finish the doctorate in education (which I
did not need or even want; just seemed somehow the thing to do..... finish
what you start ethic, you know), work for Chapman University's
Outreach Program
supervising student teachers throughout southern California, do a couple of
workshops each year with an outrageously high financial payoff
........ AND perhaps
take a cruise or two yearly.

All of the above would be repeating patterns set early on in my educational
career, very comfortable, opportunity for "staying in touch with my skills,"
easy easy easy to do AND would provide an outlet for socialization which I
always need. Besides, I really like educators.

#1 Support Person said, "WHY???? You might as well have not retired.
What's different? A little ego-stroking? AND you know that we don't like
cruises nor most of the places they take you under the circumstances
that they can offer. We'd wind up paying for the cruise, then disembarking
and splitting from the crowd to do what WE wanted to do.... definitely AWAY
from the Madding Crowd....... which means we'd probably pay double or
more for most any formal cruising...........!!!"

Kelly, I know that your whole family shares lots of your experiences. I
don't know how you do it (magic words, eh? but true) AND home school!
I really don't. You're always challenging your comfort zone, I'm
observing....... maybe until challenge itself becomes your area of
comfort........ maybe not........ whatever...... I want to express my personal
belief that fantastic workshops are the way to go if you can swing it.

Jeff is a fortunate guy!

In the Mojave desert of California U.S.A. after a morning spent with a
mechanic (well, not really WITH him.... they make me sit in the
office!) for the umpteenth time this month repairing a car that's four
years old and only has 35,000 miles on it!! I'm going to go buy that
truck this week...... a nice little one that I can get in and slide out
easily ...... with a spray liner on the bed....... MY truck....... well,
mine and Mojo's. She too may look like a lapdog but she does love
a pickup........