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am i a teacher or what

updated sun 8 mar 98


Mattisse 2 on sat 7 mar 98

I understand your frustration. I have taught art in an inner city public
school system for 25 years. If anyone had the least bit of knowledge what
really goes on, they would probably faint.
Currently I teach ceramics to 150 high schoolers, 5 classes a day. Also, one
day a weet I teach 6 - 8 year olds clay in an afterschool program ( I have 8
I do all the firings but I do let one reliable student unload ( yes I load
too). I pugg clay with an old Walker pug mill and I do not let students do
Tips of the trade:
Establish routines. That is the only way to survive. You should stop about
10 minutes each time and have them clean up after themselves. I make them mop
down the tables with a rag.
For children, keep projects simple and do not just do a free style thing.
'They will end up with nothing. Set clear expectations for the assignment. A
great project is to use meat trays and put a slab inside them. Decorate tray
with stamps or handbuilt roses. Another great project is to make 2 identical
pinch pots, put them together and make a face, clown, monster, etc out of it.
It can become a bank. Use a garlic press for hair. They love that!
jFor the adults, explain the procedures up front. Make them use reclaimed
clay from the start. Some days, only put out reclaimed. After all, you are
the teacher.
Some studios charge students extra for clay and firings.
Good luck