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barium, dihydrogen monoxide and other poisons

updated tue 10 mar 98


Art Powell on mon 9 mar 98

There has been so much discussion on Clayart about the various
poisons that find their way out of our glazes that one has to think
seriously about it.

I figure the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat
all contain poisons which will eventually lead to our death - if
alcochol, tobaccco, the automobile or natural disasters don't get us

I suppose we could try to avoid these poisons by not
breathing, not drinking and not eating, but I suspect that too would
probably have some uncomfortable consequences.

Personally, I try to live a moderately healthy lifestyle, enjoy living
as much as possible and hope that whenever my time comes, I shall be
able to accept it graciously.

Art Powell
Black Bear Pottery
Kitamaat Village, B.C.

'akiqsala: A Haisla word I learned this evening. It means going
backwards up the river and is used when the oolichans come before the
fishermen are ready to catch them - which is happening this year.